About Log House Niseko

Property management service around Niseko area

Our story

We have many years experience in both tourism industry and property management in Niseko area.


We provide rental property services covering building & property maintenance, quest management, cleaning and introduction to professional sevices.


Each job is allocated a workflow chart from initial enquiry to job completion.

Our Services

  • Managing both short and long term occupancy of properties.
  • General maintenance service for your property(houses, lodges, log cabins and hotels etc).
  • Web design and building new websites.
  • Designing & Making wood signs.
  • Project management at housing renovations, extensions and repairs.
  • Internet installation and wifi set-up
  • Snow clearing on roof, deck etc.
  • Cutting grass weeding, trimming and cutting trees.
  • Repair or Replace water taps, kitchen unit, wash basin, gas table etc.
  • Painting and caulking for Anti-insect measures.
  • Installing a water heater, heater etc.
  • Tax return in cooperation with our tax accountant.
  • Checking property and giving an idea for maintenance and saving utilities.
  • Support to obtain inn keeper’s license for your property
  • etc.

We are a local property management team for Log cabins, houses, townhomes, condos and hotels around Niseko area.

Repairing work, House cleaning, Internet device installation, Regular building check-ups, Arranging tenancies, Making house signs etc. We provide various services and tailor our services to your property management needs.

Niseko area has 12 meters of snow every winter and many properties get damaged unless managed properties regularity suffer frozen water pipes, broken deck/roof. In the green season, there are many bugs(ants, stink bugs, bees), birds, trees and grasses in this area and that damages properties especially vacant properties. We’ve seen many houses are heated too much to avoid frozen pipes but leading too high costs at kerosene/electricity. Roofs/Decks get damaged with lack of snow removal. Many aging properties get damaged with bugs and birds nesting inside. It’s crucial to undertake appropriate measures to limit these damages and keep the properties in good lettable condition. As I was born in Hokkaido, our local team have knowledge of how to fix those problems and propose the best solution for your property.

We also have ideas for saving utility costs, better house insurance planning, renovation suggestions and arranging, tax returns, installing wifi Internet and making your property profitable as a rental property.

With years of our experience in the Niseko area and our tourism & hospitality background, we’d like to provide a service beneficial to your property. We hope it will be a good result on each other.